raises an eyebrow 

Hardly, huh? Well maybe that just means we gotta spend more time together. 

» manipulativelittleshit

[ kicks his leg as he walks past the man, takes his place next to him ]

More time? As long I still have my head at the end of the day, I am all up in flames for it.

» hellbentblaze

“no one knows it’s you Miss Jackson


» manipulativelittleshit


"I’ve been here a few times, and I’ve never seen you before—can’t say you’re a regular, huh?" Idle talk, yeah, he can do that.

He reached forward, grabbing his cup but not moving any further. “Well, I wouldn’t say it’s kindness, miss. It’s simple courtesy, in my opinions.” Not hurting that she’s pretty also. A considerable bonus at that.

But then something else struck him. “How do you mean someone like me?” He asked, trying not to smile. “Do I look typical to you?”

She held her beverage close and returned a nervous smile. She never anticipate that amount of attentiveness from the man; picking almost every of her words apart. “I often just buy my drinks and go. Or sometimes my friend gets them for me when she’s on her way to class. However, today she decided to bail on me by going out with her lover.” Loki shrugged and rolled her eyes as she continued, “No point of doing our research alone in the library, yea? So here I am.”

Clearing her throat, Loki gazed out to the window, hiding any possible sign that she’s not here by accident. This kid is not as easy to manipulate. She has to beware of everything that she does. It will cost her more than just being herself. She has to be the Lottee to win this game.

"Hmm?" She returned to her attention to him, beaming at him as if it was obvious when she retorted, "Well, you are a good looking… guy and all…. And most of your type tend to be an asshole." And now, she needs the awkwardness that humans prone to have when they first met someone. “So… yea. I am sorry if I misjudged you, Mister. Its a default setting.” Loki lowered her gaze back to her drink, not knowing what else to add on.

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